When you have had enough of life's trials, when you wonder if you are enough, God shows you He is enough. You are worthy of love.   Jesus is enough for me and because of his love he shows me, I’m enough.



Our Mission

The Enough 4 Me Project’s mission is to help people know they are enough. If you have either been told or shown you are not enough by a spouse, family member, “friend” or even a co-worker, know that you are enough.  God has given you a unique purpose that only you can fulfill.  You are made by Him and just as a potter shapes the clay, you are being shaped into a masterpiece. We empower individuals to let God's love and power be enough to transform their minds to believe they are enough and live intentionally because of it.

Top View of Hands Making Pottery
Interview Time
Marble Surface


Thanks for your interest in Enough For Me. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

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