Be Positive... You're going to have a bad day?

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Ever hear fussing from the back seat? So we're heading to my mom's house, kids have yummy snacks and KLove is on, what could go wrong? My kidos like to know what's going on and expectations, so I start to tell them the reason for going to Gigi's house and that Cooper and I are going to be doing school right when we get there because we're running a little late.

P.S How is it that I wake up 2 hours before we have to be somewhere, I personally only take 20 minutes to get ready, and we're still running late... Well, it might be because I see the extra time as an opportunity to do the dishes, laundry.... I digress, but maybe you can relate?

Cooper starts fussing right away. "You mean I can't play? I can't get a snack?"

"First of all, you have a snack, but if you like Gigi's snacks better, you can ask her for one while I get the computer set up." I quickly say, feeling proud of my self for coming up with a solution so fast.

Another P.S. It's crazy how the kids can have eaten breakfast, have snacks, and still want food at their grandparents.

Anyway, enter the fussing. "I'll never get a snack. I'm going to have to do school right away..." More whining starts filling my car. Not today Satan! Enter teachable moment.

"Cooper, I love you very much, but I'll be honest the fussing is ridiculous. Do you think mommy would tell you could you get a snack and lie about it, or do you trust mommy enough to believe what I say?" I respond.

He thinks about it, so I wait for a moment then start round 2. "People like to be around others that are positive and upbeat. You can be positive you are doing to have a bad day and have one, OR the better option is to decide you're going to have a good day despite anything bad that happens. When you do this, you chose to look for the good."

I act out what's going down in my car to him so he can see how ridiculous it sounds in a silly manner. He laughs.

"What's a good thing about getting to go to Gigi's to do school with mommy, while Brooklynn goes to Mommy and Me with Gigi?"

"Snacks!" he exclaims.

"Yum. Snacks sound great. Who's ready to sing now?" The cheerleader within me is taking over as I say this. As a result, Cooper does a 180 by leading the singing with a renewed joy and excitement.

So let me ask you, what stuck out to you about our exchange? Do you trust God when He tells you, you will have bad days, but you can do it because I'll be with you? Are you positive you're going to have a bad day, OR are you positive that you'll be able to find good, even if there's bad?

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