Keep Me in the Moment

"Yay! Daddy's home early. Can we go to the park?" Cooper asked.

Our kids love going to the park to spend time together. So many of life's teachable moments have transpired there. It was a beautiful day, so the decision was easy. I packed our creature catchers, and we set off on an adventure.

Jeremy Camp's "Keep Me in the Moment" has been on repeat in my heart. I often think of the words in Luke 2:19, Mary pondered or treasured all of these things in her mama's heart. I want to live in the moment and not miss what God wants to to do in and through me.

As we made our way through the shallow waters, Brooklynn started following Cooper. She wanted to keep up with her brave brother, but she slipped. She quickly found herself sitting instead of standing in the water. Cooper came over and helped her up.

I thanked Cooper for being such a good big brother. He beamed and proceeded to take Brooklynn's hand as he guided her through mossy rocks in the water. I encouraged him again, and began to treasure the moment as he coached Brooklynn.

"Go here next, sis. Let me move that rock for you. You've got this, Brooko! You're doing great." Cooper coached.

Adam and were ready and able to intercede if needed, but we watched the moment and traded "awe" glances without words. Just like Cooper wanted to please us, by helping Brooklynn, I want to please my Heavenly Father, by encouraging others too. I desire to delight God as Zephaniah 3:17 says through my actions.

So let me ask you, "Are you living in the moment?" As we receive love from God, so we should give it to others. When we value others, we will bring joy to our heavenly Father. (Philippians 2)

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